Michael Angel North

My First Set

M.A.N. Band


 Received and Sent

Keep you’re eyes on the Sky - Keep you’re feet on the Ground

Dancing Rhythm of your being - As your ears bring you sound

Breath the air trees are giving you - know the earth in your style

All you need is the will to, now - Knowledge comes in a while

    Start to look for a direction - Feel momentum start to build    

    When you reach to touch perfection -You’re a snowball ... 

    Rolling down the hill … moving on …  moving down the hill

As the Deepness of the Valley - Help the river flow

So the waters of the Mountain - they must feel the life of snow

And when the Difference dissolves - into water of one Grace

You will know ... no lonely time - You will see ... no strangers face

    When the one who gives us purpose

    Is the one who holds the truth

    With the same and clear foundation

    We will know our selves ... All the way to you

    All the way ... all the way to you

Picture of Mystic Lake Montana shot by Michael North

Beyond My Self    

It's like I hear a calling

Into your eyes I'm falling

There're no excuses

My heart refuses

To turn and walk away ...

I see in your reflection

All that is love's perfection

The thoughts complete

As both sides meet

Where they've always known, this day ...

You take me Beyond My Self,  

Into a place of wealth, Into the kingdom ...

You show me what life is for, 

I see now there's so much more

The Soul sings,  with you ...

It's like you're teaching me love,

lessons from high above

Into my heart, a brand new start,

it’s like I only want to care

I'm reaching for a flower,

Into Almighty power    

My heart is open -  it's you it's chosen, 

My Love is now Aware …

Cry For The Answer

Ashley Lake Montana shot by Michael North

I can’t voice truth

But I can tell you my side

I won’t speak for you

But I’ll tell you I’ve cried

Cried for the answer

Smiled at the reply

Work hard for my freedom

Let a little take me by surprise

Let love call the shoots

I’m going to give it, what I’ve got

No excuses no one’s to blame

No cop-outs, No complains

Let it shine … And let it rain

Let it rain ... On my opened eyes

Let it rain my soul clean

Let my Love take a chance

Let each tear drop set me free

            Let each one unfold me ...

    As I cry for the answer

    Smile at the reply

    Work hard for my freedom

    Let a little take me by surprise

Fearless Love

Well I'm not sure why

Something just keeps telling me

Go on look, into their eyes    

Maybe you'll see in there hearts

How Love will do them no harm

How it surrenders

Without twisting the arms of their soul

When you let fear go

Yea I'm not sure why

Something just keeps tellin' me

Go on look, into their eyes

Maybe they'll see in your heart

Maybe they'll now

How Love would just Be

When you only let go of the fear, Love steps near

    You can take this were you want to, 

    Nobody’s boxing you in                                                

        Make it what you want to, 

        With Fearless Love you can only win

        You can only win, You can only win

My Cat walking towards my old 80-200mm on the Nikon 7000

Find Your Self In Love

Have you seen enough, to put your world together?

Have you seen enough, to know now what you want?

Have you seen enough, to show the things you value?

Have you seen enough, to show what's in our heart?    

Well then:

Take the time, find your self a dancer

Take the time, dream the dream above

Take the time, find your self some answers    

Take the time, Find Your Self In Love


And do you know enough, to keep your head together?

Do you know enough, to say just what you mean?

Do  you know enough, not to be afraid?

Do you know enough, to show what's in your heart?

Guitars of Michael Angel North

Freedom's What I Found

I was doing fine

Or so I thought

Here in my mind


But on my own two feet    


My Time belonged to me

And so I thought

That I was free

But freedom's what I found

With you ...                                    

    Freedom's what I found

    Freedom that astounds my senses    

    Free this Love abounds

    Freeing me, from my defenses    

    Free to walk outside the fences

    Freedoms what I found with You …

Picture of our Budda Bunny shot by Michael North

Just  One  Word

Just One Word, It's a New Day

Just One Word, There's a New Way

Just One Word, Just One Word

And It all begins again ...

Let Every moment - be the one that Love creates

Let Every step you take - brings you closer to the One

Let Every Sparkle - that you see there in your eyes

Let you realize - You're getting closer to the One

Here we go - rotating 'round the sun

Reaching for the fun - getting closer to the One    


Ride the wave - of Integrity

Everywhere we See - bring you closer to the One    

New Heart, New Joy - It never has to end

Every moment starts again - getting closer to the One


Grateful Love - born each day anew

Never out of view - take us closer to the One

Little McGreggor Lake

Love  Knows

    Love knows, Love knows you    

    Love knows your here …    

    Love calls, Love calls you    

    Love calls you on ...


        Love is waiting to know you better, It seeks you

        It'll take the hunger from your eyes forever

        It will feed you, Love will feed you    

        It will feed you - Love -    

            And Love is everywhere you are

            Because you are Love 

            You know you are - You know you are

            You know you are ...        


    Love is a rain drop, Love is a stream

    Love is an ocean, of life …                        

    And Life is a candle

    Life is the sun, Life is you, It me, we're one ...

Words for Mind To Heart

Mind To Heart

Heart, Heart … now you have your wings

And I'll be there, where, you choose to land

'cause Love, Love … waits for you and I

And all the reasons why stand up and cheer you on

So ride, ride … ride the unicorn

Love is never torn from where it'll always be

    And be - Who you say you can

    What you understand is right for you - And me

    This time - Never mind the doubts

    You can push it out from where you want to be

 Like me ...

Dream, dreams … we all have dreams we share

So if the will is there, you know, they will come true

And Peace, let Peace … be what there is to win

It's time now we begin from where we'll always be

Teach Only Love by Michael Angel North

Teach Only Love

        Teach Only Love, Teach Only Love

        Teach Only Love

        That is what you are

    Take your chances everyday

    When you think of it ... that’s all

    Let the frustration wash away

    ‘cause when the channel’s in your heart

    Your tuning in a Holy Spark                    

    Letting the story ... just unfold

    Where ever Truth stands to be know

    It’s all a simple kind of song

    Hear it, See it, Know it, Be it ...        

    It’s like a galaxy inside

    Over a hundred thousand wide

    Spinning ‘round with you and me

    And when each star is just a spark

    The Universe is in your Heart        

What Love Would Say by Michael Angel North

What Love Would Say

There goes opinion

Here comes belief

So much for bias

Will the rules ever cease

    'Cause all I want to know 

    Is What Love Would Say

    All I want to know

    Is What Love Would Say now

    And now ...

Someone in left field

Someone off the wall

Someone left outside

While someone leaves it all

    And all I want to know

    Is What Love Would Say

    All I want to know

    Is What Love Would Say now

    And now ...

Your Name by Michael Angel North

Your Name

There is no name that can define you

No one word that says it all

And yet I still am so incline to

Reach for a sound that I can call

Beyond the name is what we're after

Father, Mother, Universe

Ala, the One, the Life Reactor

A River flowing to our thirst

    Your Name can bring us to this Universe

    Your Name can send us on to Love

    Your Name is more than we can ever say

    Yet somehow you hear us, when we call

    When we call ...     when we call …

You send the children to remind us

Of who we are and what we know

They let their open hearts define us

They show where to call for Home … 

and they say …

What to call it … an Album? a CD? 

One thing that’s accurate is a “Set Of Songs”.  

Even before I played for a living, I would sometimes sit in the class room and imagine, then write out what my band would play for it’s first set …

The picture (shot with an iPhone) is Bowman Lake.


This was the original cover art for this set of songs. 

The sky was shot from my living room window and the bottom is Saint Mary’s Lake.

The 24” by 36” poster hangs on my wall.


Advice: Received and Sent is technically the first song I wrote. Oddly enough, it was written on a bass guitar. At the time I was a bassist in a rock band. I think that’s why it modulates so much … After a steep hike, this view of Mystic Lake is 

the first thing you see. (shot with D5100w/18mm)



Beyond My Self is my attempt at describing what it felt like to find my self in love … 

The picture was taken on the same day as the previous shot of Mystic Lake. 

Only this time we were on the way back from hiking around the rim.


Cry For The Answer is about one of those moments when the wise thing to do is accept, let go and surrender to what … is. 

That’s not my normal attitude but sometimes it really is the right move. 

The Lake is called Ashley and yes, much of it is this exact color.  (shot with a phone)


Fearless Love may not be the most original sounding song … but I like the sentiment … 

The picture was my studio, in the deepest part, of an earth-bermed home in 

Emerald Hills. ( D7000 w/18mm while standing on the drum throne )

Find You Self In Love came from the desire to play something in 6/8 and 3/4 time. Then I looked through my note book until I found some words that would work. 

Sometimes you just get lucky :) 

Buddy is my model. In this case, I was testing an old 80-200mm @f/2.8

Freedom’s What I Found is my rebuttal to the stereotype of being restricted by 

the “ball and chain” of a committed relationship. The picture is my small army of guitars, 

taken with a ( D750 and a 28-70mm )

Just One Turn was written for a service about renewal. I once had a gig as a music minister and would tailor a song for each theme. The picture was taken for our 

Cult Of The Light Hearted web site. ( D7000 w/35-70mm )

Love Knows started as a cool chord I discovered (E5). 

The words just poured out as I was seeking to support 

the vibe that the chord was creating. 

The picture was from the first kayak trip on a small lake called Little McGregor. 

(taken w/a phone)

Mind To Heart is a monolog, as the mind begins to realize 

it’s not the only power-center in the self.  

I was at my friend Frank’s house and he wanted to resolve 

the standard A to Amaj7 to A7 descending chord thing. 

I suggested Dm and boom … 

Later I went home and wrote some words for it. 

The picture of me was taken by my wonderful wife Kathryn Sabol 

as we kayaked on the north-east corner of Flathead Lake.

Teach Only Love was written as a sing-a-long for a service and a weekly 

Course In Miracles support group. The complete phrase is 

“teach only love, for that is what you are”.

The picture was shot with one of my favorite lens, the 80-200mm.

What Love Would Say is one of those phrases that helps me 

in the act of  “counting-to-ten”. 

It gives me an option for anger, despondency or indignation … 

I was testing an 18-300mm on a new D500 body 

when my model became bored :)

Your Name was written for a service on the various names we use for you know who … 

The picture was shot from our front yard in Marion. 

This is the actual look; no photoshop, no filters, no processing 

of any kind. 

It’s maximum aperture combined with a local forest fire 

and a 28-300mm on a D750.

* * * *

This is the first of five sets.

I am just a few days away from

Uploading the Third Set 


Explination of all the Pictures.
Michael Angel North logo for BalanceOfOne.com
Mystic Lake with Kate and Michael Angel North
Mystic Lake evening
Ashley Lake  by Michael Angel North
My room in Emerald Hills
My Buddy
My Studio Room in Marion MT
Michael Angel North's logo for Cult Of The Light Hearted web Site.
Little McGreggor Lake Montana
Michael Angel North on Flathead Lake
My picture of a Humming Bird in flight
My Buddy Cat ... Yawning
Sunset after a fire in Marion MT
Third Set Liner Notes

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