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Logo for the Second Set by Michael Angel North


I've got a good friend name of Angel

The lady's learn how to read a soul

When she heard that love leave me

She came around and help me regain control

    Well now Michael she said to me

I can see you're feel low

    But if your heart is scared or lazy

Get out there into the flow

    I'm sure you know

Who's got control ...

I'm sure you know

She a fast one that Angel

Fast enough to win a soul

She says that we can run with Love

We can race our hearts and let Love control

    Well now Michael you can win this she says

I can show you were to start

    'cause after all this is a race of Love

So get out there and run your heart

    Let run,I know you can win, yea ... let it run

Angel paints a holy picture

and she shows were I can find my Self

and though she seldom quotes theScriptures

she lets me know how the Old Ones felt

    Find your heart, she says 

You'll find your soul

    And when you know them both

It'll make you whole

Michael Love comes again

It's alway looking for a friend

'cause when a prayer never ends 

it gets answer time again

and time and time again

time and time again ... 

and time and time again

Dream Dance Lady

Last night I met a lady

who knew how I felt about Love

Her eyes said ... "maybe

she held the answers I've been looking for"    

She said "it's only a matter of giving

all the Time and Love that you seek"

"it's only a matter of feeling for

where Time and Love ... co-exists"    

    Dream Dance Lady, 

who sent you to wake me up

    Ocean Dance Lady, 

who sent you to take me high … 

let me fly ...    


Now they say that dreams can answer

with what we need in our life's

And now this moonlight dancer 

Is turning dark ... to her light    

She brings a new way of seeing

how well my old pieces fit

And she show a new way of feeling for

Where Time and Love ... co-exists    


    Dream Dance Lady, 

who sent you to wake me up

    Rain Dance Lady, who sent you to take me high … 

Let me fly ...    

Last night in my sleep

She helped my heart speak to my soul

Out of my dreams

Dancing a rhythm of soul    

She was dancing the rhythm of soul

Dancing her rhythm of soul

For You

Hey Love I just don't know

How much of you this heart can take

Sometimes it seems to overflow

Sometimes I let the circuits break

    For You ... Hey Love ... For You

Should I let love lead me on

To anywhere it wants to go

Why does it always take so long

Like every heart beat hits too slow

For You ... Hey Love ... For You

        I'm not afraid to let you take on

        Turn me inside-out for love

        I just want to see - 

        How your believing me

        And how your love lets me know

I'm not complaining, nothings wrong

I'm not the kind that cries in vain

Just love to see you in my life

You drive me up a wall of flames

    For You ... Driving For You

    For You ... Ya You 

    Hey Love ... For You

Give Me Space

All I said was I love you

Next thing I know things just got unreal

I thought it would make you feel safer

Instead she said ... "with this I can't deal"

 ... Very Strange

She said ... "no way you're getting any close

No, don't come around anymore"

All I said was I love you

And next thing I know she just marks down my score

... That makes you about a three

    Then she said:

    Let me breath, Get of my case

    I need some room, beside your face 

    Give Me Space, Give Me Space

Couldn't believe what was happening

'till then it been going so nice

All I said was I love you

and it magical turn her fire to ice

... So cold

Maybe I should have said ... 

I Hate You

I can't stand it ...

You make me feel sick

Things couldn't have gone any stranger

If I'd spoken in Martian of gave her and itch

... Em Hum

Oh! she said:

Let me breath,

Get of my case,

I need some room,

beside your face 

    Give Me Space, Give Me Space

Let me breath?

Get off my case?

I need some room?

beside my what?

Give You Face? ...

No! ... Give Me Space!

I think I know what this girls talking about

I think I understand ...

Her Heart


She listens to the radio, 

they sing their songs for her

She listens to the ocean tide; 

patters they occur and recur

Sometimes she listens to her heart

She listens to all her friends, 

they each have their advice

Sometimes she hears a little smoke and drink

That makes her head feel nice

Sometimes she listens to her heart ...   

And her heart just tells her how she loves him ... 

    Her heart talks to her alone

    Her heart … tells her how it will be

    Whenever she follows it, back home ... 

She looks into a drinking glass, 

her mind goes off somewhere

Remembering the Future Now 

there's so much Freedom there 

Each time she looks into her Heart  

Her heart always shows her how He loves her

Her heart likes to see her I to I

Her heart shows her how it will be

Whenever she follows it, 

Inside ...

She fires up, another one

She breathes in, deep into her lungs

Circling a memory

It only over and done

As she fires her way, into her heart

    Her heart always holds her in love

In a promise that was made long ago        

    Bridging her a time to be always there

Finding that, her heart has led her home

The Luckiest Man

The ring on your finger 

Tells me your somebody's girl

Though I've never met him

He must be the luckiest man in the world.

He gets to look into your eyes

While holding you close to him

And say, how much he loves you

And how, by your side he will always win.

    He makes his plans for his future and yours

    As each one they unfurl

    There's not a doubt in my mind 

when I look at you

    He must be the luckiest man in the world

Someday I too, perhaps

Will find someone like you

I'll smile to myself and I'll understand and say

I guess, I guess, I'm a Lucky Man Too

And that ring on her finger 

Will tell them that she's my girl

Though you've never met me, 

you'll knowI must be the luckiest man in the world.

    Start making plans for your future and mine

    'cause each one will unfurl

    There'll be no doubt in my mind 

when you look at you 

    I must be the Luckiest - Must be the Luckiest Man 

... in the world

Nancy Fancy


"Nancy Fancy, is a dancer on a stage"

"shaking in the step, that are young and old"

"kicking in the rhythm, she calls Love and roll"

    "Drinking under, all the clever men"                    

    “sippin' now and then, she pops and flows                                

    "Drink another song, and tell the story slow"                        


"I was running, running, running to the show"

"I only caught it right on time, with my remote control"

"I turn around to find, that's how the story goes"

I just fell off my shoes into Love

I got up and flew away from all in was


"Nancy Fancy, she's got a mind for every person"

"no-one knows for certain, what she really see's"

"behind her touching curtains, there's room for you and me ..."


"We were running, running, running to the show"

"We only caught it right on time,

with our remote control"        

"turned around to find, that's how the story goes"


        We just jump off my shoes into love

        Got out and flew away from all it was ...

"Nancy Fancy, can draw the spirit

from the stone"                    

"She brings the sunshine home

lights it like a stage"

"she sends Love to the crowd, 

and lets the know the age ..."


She just slips off her shoes into Love

Gets up and flies away from all it was … 

was ...

Old Howard


Old Howard is my driving room    

His outside walls are brown

And anywhere I want to go      

Old Howard wheels it down       

Old Howard get me 'round


Driving through the country side

Dreaming out the glass          

Living in my driving room

I love the world go past

I love the world move past     

     Sometimes Old Howard is a space machine

    Street lights become stars

     One mind is moving out to space

     I think Old Howard's getin' high 

… off ground


Richard he's a crazy man

He's a holy man and a fighter

And he lives in memories

Sometimes fantasy sometimes anger

    He figures out he's a demigod

  So now he sees all the things he's not

Love raps around his heart

Holds tight, then pull apart


Richard, he comes from love and fear        

He fills his days and years        

With cries and laughter        

Love calls his name sometimes        

But he lets it rhyme with disaster        


    He figures out he's a demigod

    And then he sees all the things he's not    

    Love raps around his heart    

    Holds tight, then pull apart    


Richard he's a working man

a praying man - a Dreamer

He wants the best on life

Career and a wife    

And not to leave her        



Well babe, who are you really livin' for

It seems that Love is just gettin' ignored

And I don't understand it ... it's just not makein' sense

It seems it's more important 

For you to please you're GirlFriends

Damn those GirlFriends

    Get your priorities in order - Love has seniority

    At lease it ought-da -  know it ought-da!

No, I don't mean to sound like I'm giving a lecture

It just that it seems to me like it's ... peer pressure

And I want you to know I'm nearing the end

Of you, your talk, and your GirlFriends

Damn those GirlFriends


Well if you have to give them your availability

Don't lose touch with your own integrity

Because it's confusing as hell

When you boomerang again

Between you love and your fear

And your GirlFriends


Tower Of Glass

I met a Lady, in a Tower Of Glass

And every story was smooth and fast

The little lady and it all right

She filled my mind with wonder all night

High in a Tower Of Glass

It shot through my heart as I opened the door

I new at once where I'd seen her before

Somewhere inside a room a mirrors

Her every reflection was a clear one

    So Clear it will always last

    High in a Tower Of Glass

        She took me to the water front

We watched the boat go to and from the shore

        When we looked into the sky

        Love came down to find us 

High in a Tower Of Glass

It was High in a Tower Of Glass

I reached in my soul and gave her all I new

The city below gave I mystical view

We practice and practiced the Art of Feeling

High above thee average ceiling 

Her Valerie


Her Valerie, it can read my emotions

It knows what I'm thinking - By the look in my eyes


 Eyes like the night - And a soul like the ocean

 Heart like a mirror - Reflecting her life


 Her Valerie, put life in motion

 Bringing me to - A celestial time


 This time I feel - Like a ship on the ocean

 Her love just keeps filling - The sails in my eyes ...



     And Her Valerie gets ever closer to me

     She lets me know, she lets me sense - What's real ...


     Now I can see

     How she's rescuing me

     She just lets me know, she lets me sense

     What's real ... with Her Valerie ...


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