I want to give you a “heads up” about 

what is happening on this page.  

At times it may look like a performance but 

it’s the actual writing session for the intros.  

I was about to start typing everything out when I realized 

(since I already had the studio) I could just remember and speak the circumstance of the songs; 

organize and practice all the elements of a performance. 

 And … use these clips to help coordinate and suggest the graphics, stills and bits of unplugged music. 

So that’s what you see here, the very start of the process.  

Now that I have a full length green-screen again

the clips will be slowly replaces by early development and finally the finished performance …

A reminder: the links below will send you to my  

iTunes, YouTube or Spotify profiles 

where you can hear any one of the 36 songs and securely download … if you wish :)

Clear The Dream

Cover Both Sides


It’s Enshrining Ideals

Life: Sure Would Be Nice

On To Freedom

Passion To Complete

Reach Out For Love

Sincere Request

Sweet Wisdom

The Witness

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